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Windows: The Soul of a Home

Posted on: Nov 20, 2015 Blog author: Christine Blog category: Space & Logic

As the first flakes of snow appear here in Minnesota, in mid-November, my thoughts go to windows and my never ending fascination with this wonderful invention. Whether they be single glazed with wood storms and screens that need to be changed out with the seasons (as mine are) or the latest in high-efficiency design, windows are the soul of any house. Thoughtfully proportioned and placed in a wall, they establish the scale and character of a space like no other building element can. An incorrectly placed sill height can just as easily take away the pleasure of a lake side view, just as a carefully placed one can connect the inside to the outside in a very direct way. Each of these photos captures different conditions in a house, showing a bit about how we think about these relationships. 

Keep warm and enjoy the view.