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TEN7 on 10/7

Posted on: Oct 06, 2015 Blog author: Christine Blog category: Inspiration

We occasionally have the opportunity to design commercial projects, which we really enjoy as it puts our work more in the experience of the public, a rarity for architects who focus on residential. This project for the technology company TEN7 and was completed in 2011. Its founder, Ivan Stegic, has his birthday today and we’d like to honor him by posting these images of their space, recently photographed by Pete Sieger.

Note the long table built out of doors (thanks to Choice Wood Company who built the project) and the glass garage door. When down, the door encloses the conference room yet still allows the natural light to reach staff members working through the space’s only window. This project is another example of our use of IKEA cabinets (see previous blog post) with fun splashes of color.

TEN7 has shown that we can bring our understanding of how a well-considered built environment can enhance and improve the quality of our everyday lives, both at home and at work.