Two In One Lake House

This lakefront property, purchased by two siblings with young families, permitted the construction of only one structure. The two families worked with Albertsson Hansen to create a twin gables retreat joined by a long common front porch which opens through to the lake. Each family has private living spaces responding to their individual needs, one open planned, the other more defined by rooms. Exterior spaces, both private and shared, were planned to take best advantage of the lakefront views.

Project Location: Bay Lake, Minnesota

Project Type: New ConstructionRetreat HomeKitchenLiving Room

Project Team: Mark E. Tambornino, AIA, PartnerRyan Fish, AIATodd P. Hansen, AIA, CID, Partner

Photography: Peter Bastianelli Kerze

Photography: Albertsson Hansen Architecture

Of Note

Guest rooms span over open connection to the lake. Painted wood paneled interiors.


  • Architecture MN | April 2014